Muted Rainbow Dreams Wall Decal Stickers - Blue

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Create a dreamy rainbow room with our Muted Rainbow Decals! 

Available in different colours that can be used separately or combined to create even more rainbow magic.

No mess. No paint. No wallpaper. Just peal and stick!

Decal stickers are the quickest and easiest way to get a gorgeous feature wall for any room of your house, even the bathroom! Oh, and did we mention the cheapest way?

They can be positioned in any way you like and are easy to move and reapply until you get exactly the look you are after! No more need for expensive wallpaper or the mess and the hassle of installing it!

So easy to change to get the look you want!

Put them up and don't like how they look? Just peel them off again! No risk of spending hours painstakingly hand painting or stenciling that wall only to decided you don't like it and have to repaint it. Or you spend all that time, money and energy and 3 months later your child now has a new favourite colour. Just peal them off* and replace with the new favourite colour of the month!

  • Made from non-toxic and non-irritating materials.
  • Waterproof, so you can still clean the walls.
  • Easy to apply on any smooth, clean surface.
  • Can be re-positioned till you get the look you want.*


Muted Rainbow Dreams - Blue

1 x sheet 18cm x 60cm containing 10 rainbows. 

  • 10 x 10.5cm x 8cm rainbows

    Application and Removal Instructions

    Surface Type & Preparation:

    A smooth, clean, dry painted surface is best. Take the time to clean the walls and ensure there is no cleaning residue or moisture on the wall when applying. It is also recommended that you first test the application and removal in an inconspicuous section of the wall in case the surface is not compatible with being able to adjust them.

    Freshly Painted Walls:

    A freshly painted wall needs time to cure before applying decals. Follow the paint manufacturer’s recommendation for how long their product takes to cure and remember that the thickness and number of coats of paint, as well as the temperature and humidity levels, will affect this process. An insufficiently cured wall may cause the decals to remove the paint or not stick properly.


    They are not recommended to be used on wallpaper. If you have smooth wallpaper the decals should stick but they will tear the paper if you attempt to remove them.


    While the decals are designed to be removable the quality and type of surface they are applied to will greatly effect whether they can be removed without damaging the wall. It is recommended that you first test the application and removal in an inconspicuous section of the wall in case the surface is not compatible with being able to adjust them. *We can not guarantee they will not damage the surface when removed.

    Removal Tips:

    When removing decals do it slowly and gently, carefully get under an edge with your nail or a plastic scraper and peel the sticker back on itself, don't attempt to pull up. If there is resistance and the decal is not easily coming off a hairdryer on a low heat can be used to soften it and should allow for much easier removal with less risk of damaging the surface. 

    Having trouble getting them off the backing?

    Check the 'How To' Highlight on our Insta page for a video demonstration. 


    Warning Decal stickers are designed for decoration only and are not to be considered as a toy. Please ensure that they are out of reach of children under 3 years of age, especially children in a cot, crib or bed to avoid a possible choking hazard.